Journée Scientifique 2021

30th ARTP Annual Meeting - 17 November 2021



Palais des Congrès de Paris - 2 place de la Porte Maillot - 75017 Paris

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8:15 a.m.

Registration (3rd floor)


9:05 a.m.


Alexandre de la Taille, ARTP President


9:15 a.m

Session I : ARTP 2020 Laureates

Chairs : Vincent Goffin, Virginie Vlaeminck-Guillem


Heinz Gornitzka (LCC UPR 8241 CNRS, Toulouse)

'New theranostic molecules for photodynamic therapy in prostate cancer'

Edith Bonnelye (Canther UMR 9020 CNRS UMR 1277 Inserm, Lille)

'Involvement of ERR alpha in the response mechanisms to radiotherapy in prostate cancer'


  1. 9:45 a.m

    Session II : Clinical Session

    Chairs : Arnauld Villers, Alexandre de la Taille


    Eric Tartour (Hôpital européen Georges-Pompidou, Paris)

    'Involvement of ERR alpha in the response mechanisms to radiotherapy in prostate cancer'

    Alessia Cimadamore (Institute of Pathological Anatomy and Histopathology, Ancona, Italy)

    'PSMA in prostate cancer: more than a diagnostic marker'

    Steve Pascola (University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland)

    'mRNA-based vaccines and cancer therapies'


11:30 a.m

Présentation Association ANAMACaP (in French)

Roland Muntz (Président d'honneur ANAMACaP)


12:00 p.m



1:30 p.m

Session III : Microenvironment & Metastases

Chairs : Frédéric Bost, Dimitra Gkika


Ewa Snaar-Jagalska (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

‘Microenvironment Elevates EMT and CSC-Like Phenotype of Engrafted Prostate Cancer Cells’

Catherine Muller (IPBS CNRS UMR 5089, Toulouse)

‘Progression of prostate cancer: a way paved of fat’

Juan Arriaga (Columbia University, NY, USA)

‘Identifying Drivers and Therapeutic Vulnerabilities of Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis’


2:45 p.m

Coffee Break


3:00 pm

Session IV : Liquid Biopsies & Circulating Tumor Cells

Chairs : Gaëlle Fromont-Hankard, Palma Rocchi


Françoise Farace (Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif)

'Genetic characterization of a unique neuroendocrine transdifferentiation prostate circulating tumor cell-derived eXplant (CDX) model'

Alexander Wyatt (Vancouver Prostate Centre, Vancouver, Canada)

'The emerging clinical utility of circulating tumour DNA in advanced prostate cancer'


4:00 pm

Session V : Poster Session

Chairs : Jocelyn Ceraline, Clémentine Le Magnen



5:10 pm

Session VI : 2019 ARTP Poster Prize Laureates

Chairs : Laurent Morel, Edith Bonnelye


Clément Paris (CRCM, Marseille)

'Lipid antisense oligonucleotides nanoparticle: nanoplatform agent for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer'

David Estève (IPBS, Toulouse)

'The adipose tissues that surrounds the prostate gland exhibits traits of hypoxic state that could contribute to its role in prostate cancer progression'

Charlotte Dubois (Inserm U1003, Lille)

'Apoptosis mediated by mitochondrial Ca2+ overload requires inhibition of autophagy revealling a widespread vulnerability of cancer cells'


5:30 pm

Assemblée Générale (ARTP members only)

Poster Prize Distribution

Alexandre de la Taille (Président), Olivier Cuvillier (Trésorier)


5:45 pm

End of the meeting

Sponsors de la journée scientifique

Association Française d'Urologie, Pierre Fabre Médicament, Janssen-Cilag, Astellas, Ferring, AstraZeneca, MSD