Programme final de la 28ème Journée Scientifique du 20 novembre 2019

28th Annual Meeting

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Palais des Congrès de Paris

2 place de la Porte Maillot - 75017 Paris



Transcriptomic & Epigenomic Landscapes, Imaging

and Environment in Prostate Cancer


8:15 a.m.

  1. Registration (3rd floor)


8:55 a.m.


Alexandre de la Taille, ARTP President


9:00 a.m.

Session I : ESUR 2018 & ARTP 2017 Laureates

Chairs : Edith Bonnelye, Palma Rocchi


Natalie Sampson (Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria)

‘Cancer-associated fibroblast heterogeneity within the prostate cancer stromal microenvironment’

Vincent Goffin (INEM, Inserm U1151, Paris)

‘Identification of a new prostatic cell population resistant to castration’

Natacha Rochel (IGBMC, CNRS UMR7104, Inserm U964, Strasbourg)

‘Mechanism of action low calcemic Vitamin D analogue in prostate cancer’




10:00 a.m.

Coffee Break


10:15 a.m.

Session II : Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Landscapes in Prostate Cancer 

Chairs : Laurent Morel, Clémentine Le Magnen


Alvaro Aytes (Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research, Barcelona, Spain)

‘Epigenetic regulation in prostate cancer progression’’


Ian Mills (Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast, UK)

‘The impact of transcription on lipid metabolism in prostate cancer’


Bernard Haendler (Drug Discovery, Bayer AG, Berlin, Germany)

‘Genome-wide impact of androgen receptor antagonist treatment on transcriptome and chromatin landscape in prostate cancer models



12:00 p.m.




1:30 p.m.

Session III : Multidisciplinary Perspective in Prostate Cancer Imaging 

Chairs : Alexandre de la Taille, Arnauld Villers


Jelle Barentsz (Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands)

‘Prostate cancer screening using MRI and PSA’


Mathieu Gauthé (Hôpital Tenon, APHP, Paris)

‘Theranostic use of radiolabelled PSMA ligands in prostate cancer’



2:30 p.m.

Coffee Break



2:45 p.m.

Session IV : Environment and prostate cancer 

Chairs : Olivier Cuvillier, Vincent Goffin


Gail S. Prins (University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA)

‘Bisphenol A (BPA): a model endocrine disrupting chemical in prostate cancer’


Kostas Tsilidis (Imperial College, London, UK) 

‘Dietary patterns, lifestyle factors and prostate cancer’



3:45 p.m.

Session IV : Poster Session 

Chair of Selection Committee: Jocelyn Ceraline



5:00 p.m.

Session VI : 2018 ARTP Poster Prize Laureates

Chairs :Dimitra Gkika, Gaëlle Fromont-Hankard


Chaima Cherif (CRCM, Marseille)

Menin, a novel HSP27 client protein and therapeutic target for castration resistant prostate cancer

Mélissa Cumenal (Inserm U1107, Clermont-Ferrand)

Recherche de nouvelles cibles moléculaires pour le traitement de la douleur du cancer de la prostate

Oksana Iamshanova (Inserm U1003, Lille)

The role of sodium leak channel NALCN in prostate cancer progression’


5:25 p.m.

ARTP General Assembly

Alexandre de la Taille, ARTP President & Olivier Cuvillier, ARTP Treasurer

Poster Prize distribution


5:45 p.m.

End of the meeting